Since 1996, the DIGINEXT company has been synonymous with innovation, excellence and responsiveness. DIGINEXT's products blend the virtual and real worlds, and offer ground-breaking planning, training and operational support solutions for critical operations.The Crimson product range that DIGINEXT has been developing since 2005, the year the first eponymous research and development project was launched, is part of this strategy of technical breakthroughs at the service of operational staffs.

In May 2020, DIGINEXT became a brand of CS GROUP, an international group involved in large-scale projects in both the civilian and military spheres. CS GROUP's expertise in intelligent and cyber-protected critical systems is internationally recognised in many sectors of activity, such as Defence & Security, Space, Aeronautics and Energy.

As specialists in real-world and digital solutions, our expertise and values make us a trusted partner committed to meeting the long-term needs of our customers, by providing :

  • software solutions and associated services,
  • turnkey systems,
  • customised systems.

Today, the DIGINEXT product line is used on a daily basis in over 40 countries worldwide.


CS GROUP is strengthening its growth strategy through a network of technology partners, to facilitate reflection and interaction with valuable user feedback, and be better equipped to meet new challenges.

National Centre for Space Studies (CNES)

A state-owned company of commercial and industrial nature (in French, EPIC), the CNES puts the French space policy forward to public authorities, and implements it in several key strategic areas. A leading centre of expertise and support in the field of satellite communication, the CNES offers institutions and companies the possibility to acquire and utilise these satellite means in their applications.

The CNES's technical platform uses the Crimson solution for environmental, risk and crisis management.

Chair in Crisis Management of the Troyes University of Technology (UTT)

The chair is crisis management, which is partly sponsored by CS GROUP, has originated from the collaboration between the UTT and the French National School for Fire Service Officers (ENSOSP, in French) in a hands-on anticipatory, preparatory and coordinating approach. It is based on scientific research, academic education and highlighted partnerships around crisis responses and rpoximity management.

The Crimson solution enables the chair to put several crisis rehearsal scenarios to the test, both multi sites and interservices.

New Technologies Pole (PôNT) at Entente Valabre

Valabre is the key training centre for all civil security professionals when it comes to natural hazards through the prevention, prediction, planning, operations and post-crisis management stages.

The Pônt, in charge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), has rolled out Crimson to the French Fire and Rescue Department Services (SDIS). It provides them with data integration, training and support, and further uses the solution for in-house training sessions.
Are you interested in discussing a partnership, in France or abroad, or finding an approved partner in your area ?

Purchasing platforms

CS GROUP is attentive to its customers' needs, to co-build a perfectly tailored solution. You may contact us directly or use the purchasing platforms in line with the Procurement Law, to purchase licences and/or training sessions. 


A national purchasing platform, the French Union des groupements d'achats publics (UGAP) makes public procurement easier, without the need for tendering procedures.

Thus, public bodies such as French Fire and Rescue Department Services can go though the UGAP, if they so wish, to acquire the Crimson Tactic software solution, including in SaaS mode.


In accordance with the Ouranos Framework Agreement for the provision of software, operating licences and related services (maintenance, etc.), to the Ministry of the Armed Forces, all entities within can acquire our software solutions Crimson Sentinel, Sandbox & Platform, and services.

They can do so via the Ministry's Inter-Forces Infrastructure, Networks and Information Systems Department (the DIRISI).

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