Crimson Tactic

Large-scale emergency responses, undertaken by firefighters and civil security organisations alike, require a clear situational overview shared in real time, by all parties involved: command posts (CPs), the rescue operations command and the overseeing authorities.

Crimson Tactic makes it possible for stakeholders to understand the tactical situation at a glance. It further facilitates the establishment of the operational command and control to steer the operations.


Its open architecture means that Crimson Tactic is able to interface with various institutional and operational tools designed for alert and assistance management.


  • Real-time 2D-3D visualisation
  • Resource management, task acknowledgment, logbook
  • Sectorisation, information and communication chart
  • Mapping enrichment (drawings, symbols...)
  • Projection of camera and drone images onto the map
  • Information sharing on a need-to-know basis
  • Chat and field data upload (photos, videos)
  • Action logging, automated reporting and replay


  • Common operational picture
  • Unique, intuitive and ergonomic interface
  • Specific and customisable symbology
  • Rapid development of tactical plans
  • Decision aid
  • Interoperability within and across services
  • Traceability and feedback gathering
  • Scalability to integrate heterogeneous systems

They trust us

"The logic of the software is fully consistent with the operational doctrine" (SDIS 57)
"Crimson holds the potential to change the way we handle disasters or day-to-day incidents" (SDIS 31)

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