Crimson Sandbox

In order to plan an appropriate operational response to a situation of crisis (public safety) or conflict (national defence), we must anticipate what actions to take and confront them with the complex realities on the ground.

Crimson Sandbox is an interactive 3D mapping solution designed to digitally support strategic thinking and tactics analysis for training and prevision purposes. Based on the risks or threats being identified, means are allocated, organised and coordinated within and across services. Crimson Sandbox allows to compare strategies and leverage feedback.


  • Real-time 2D-3D visualisation
  • Application of strategic scenarios
  • Mapping enrichment (drawings, symbols...)
  • Information sharing on a need-to-know basis
  • Chat and logbook
  • Action logging, automated reporting and replay


  • Strategic planning
  • Unique, intuitive and ergonomic interface
  • Common operational picture (COP)
  • Specific and customisable symbology
  • Traceability and after-action review (AAR)
  • Scalability to integrate new scenarios

They trust us

"Crimson's ergonomics are such that our users have familiarised themselves with the solution within a very short period of time" (CDEC, French Army War College).

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