Conceived and prototyped since 2005, as part of the eponymous R&D European project, Crimson has since become a leading research platform in Europe to develop and evaluate tomorrow's solutions aimed at protecting the populations, environment, infrastructures and public spaces, as well as first responders mobilised to handle different types of incidents.

In 2021, a dozen of European projects (INTREPID, INGENIOUS, SAFEPASS, FASTER, STEPWISE, EVAGUIDE, APPRAISE…) use the Crimson solution on a day-to-day basis, with many end users: police forces and special units, fire services, NGOs, medical teams, etc. With the backing of its users, these projets help maintain Crimson at the forefront of technological innovation, efficiency and usability.

SAFEPASS (H2020, 2019-22) : “SAFE and swift evacuation operations on high-capacity PASSenger ships”

Evacuating a cruise ship is a critical task with a complex decision process. It calls for a quick and accurate evaluation of the evacuation time. In the event of a major incident on board, experience has shown that passengers are not always able to comprehend or apply the safety instructions conveyed by the crew.

The SafePASS project develops an innovative system to safely conduct passenger evacuation operations, using, among other things, the map-based software solution Crimson: all useful information is fed by sensors into the platform, which produces global and shared situational awareness, a.k.a. a Common Operational Picture. This COP allows for the real-time visualisation of the secure routes available, to notify crew members and passengers, hence reducing the evacuation time whilst improving people's safety.


IN-PREP (H2020, 2017-21) : “INtegrated next generation PREParedness”

Increasingly, European countries find themselves confronted with cross-border risks and the challenges of cooperation between states and rescue organisations. Therefore, they wish to implement comprehensive prevention measures as well as mutual and collaborative solutions for the conduct of operations in the event of a disaster.

The IN-PREP project has focused on several areas aimed at developing a decision-support, common operating platform. The map-based software solution Crimson is key to this scheme, making it possible to share a tactical situation in real time and to coordinate the human and material resources needed to ensure a rapid and effective rescue response.


STEPWISE (2017-21) : “Simulation, Training and Evaluation for the Protection of CroWded PublIc SpacEs”

Following the terrorist attacks carried out in France and Europe, and in the wake of the European Action Plan to support the protection of public spaces, member states are seeking solutions to better protect their public spaces, reduce vulnerabilities and prevent future attacks, especially on sensitive sites.

The STEPWISE project is a digital platform designed to model public spaces by creating virtual mock-ups (or digital twins), as such an immersive approach to conceiving safety plans. The map-based software solution Crimson acts as an interface: it agregates and renders all 3D data, including indoors, with intervisibility functions to optimise the process of securing sites.


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