Smart security and operation management

Designed and developed in France, Crimson is a collaborative and innovating software solution designed for conducting operations and protecting sites, populations, and critical infrastructures, as well as for planning and managing crisis operations.

Crimson facilitates the sharing of informations, coordination and decision support by offering a clear, synthetic and global perspective on the situation.

The OODA loop

Born out of military strategy, it consists in:

For all safety stakeholders

  • Safety operator stations or command posts
  • Heads of safety or security, or authorities
  • Field operators or first responders


  • Single, intuitive and ergonomic interface
  • Shared and simplified data management
  • Action logging and tracking
  • Quick configuration and familiarisation
  • Openess and upgradability for trade needs


Innovative technological building blocks

Developed by CS Group

2D-3D mapping engine

  • Integration of GIS data
  • Multi-scale and multi-layer display
  • Geopositioned elements in real time

Graphic editor

  • Configuration of standard procedures
  • No programming
  • Dynamic operator guidance

Proven expertise

The Crimson platform has been successfully deployed in several projects:

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