2021 SDIS

We are pleased to announce the successful deployment of Crimson in French Departmental Fire and Rescue Services (SDIS) and to welcome today the SDIS from Lozère, Vaucluse, Marne, Hérault, and Val d’Oise, as well as the overseas collectivity of Saint-Barthélemy. What is more, Crimson Tactic has been implemented since last summer at the Southeast operational crisis management centre (CEZOC) to monitor major operations and the zonal use of national means.

Some 30 French Fire and Rescue Department Services (SDIS) today, from the Finistère to Corsica, via the Moselle region, have adopted «Crimson Tactic», the tactical situation version of GROUP’s Crimson award winning product. This deployment, which involves firefighters and others civil protection actors in metropolitan and overseas France, and even beyond, is part of the process of digital transformation of first responders’ operational tools: managing and sharing information is key to effectively conducting emergency relief operations !

Crimson Tactic is a 2D/3D/4D map-based platform designed to provide real-time, comprehensive information on a single interface, including means and frequencies management, a logbook and automatic connection to the ORSEC portal for widespread or long-lasting natural disasters, and the Synapse geographic information system for national crisis management. Whatever the organisation’s size or means (mobile command posts (CPs), cameras, UAVs…), the user friendliness and interoperability of Crimson Tactic allows it to be easily incorporated into their operational structure: the Fire and Rescue Operational Centre (CODIS), the command post (CP) and the departmental operations centre under the Prefect command (COD).

A great decision support for wildfire and flooding management, Crimson Tactic has prove an essential tool for the management of the French Ardèche earthquake and the COVID pandemic.

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