Using a fake, staged city of 5,000 inhabitants within the national military camp of Sissone, the French land forces have experienced a live simulation pilot system for military operations in urban terrain (SYMULZUB). This has resulted in the CERBERE (training center representative of battlefields and engagement simulation) programme, offering highly realistic training to the Joint Services Tactical Subgroup (SGTIA) facing enemy forces.

For this projet, CS Group has supplied the control centre. Based on Crimson, it integrates and renders all sensor data in real time to centralise the conduct of the training and facilitate after-action review. The sensors include some 1,000 loudspeakers, 250 cameras and 700 générateurs smoke generators triggering sound and visual effects, as well as location sensors and cameras to visualise the progress of the combatants, both in and out of the city infrastructures.

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