Crimson has been selected by the French ministry of Defence as the central system for its major Integrated System for Site Protection (SIPS) programme ensuiring the protection and defense of its sites and the management of surveillance and incident management operations. 

Back in 2019, Crimson Sentinel first won the French MoD's Defence Innovation Agency (DIA) prize of the most advanced system for the surveillance and protection of sensitive sites. The solution has then been put in competition against 15 other international competitiors by the French MoD during approximatively one year on various use cases before being finally selected as the most promising system for its SIPS programme.. Considering the critical aspect of this programme, and before launching its complete deployment, the French MoD installed and evaluated Crimson on 2 French military bases. This last validation phase confirmed both the relevance and performance of Crimson connected to numerous legacy subsystem (access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, handheld alert system ("RAF") and myriads of sensors, private LTE...) and  the fact that operationals consider it as a major advance to handle critical site protection and defence operations. This major success triggered the lauch of the complete SIPS programme.

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